Travelling to an unknown land can be one life experience

People love to travel, as it can be exciting it all also be scary at first. Travelling to an unknown land can be one life experience.  No doubt about travelling You can learn a lot, meet interesting people, have great fun, and create lasting memories. But at the same time ensuring your safety is a must. Nobody wants their joy to be wrecked by ending up being hurt, robbed, beaten up, arrested, sick, or in an accident.

The following tips can help travellers plan for a safe and comfortable trip and may reduce the risk of many different types of crimes.

  • Share your travel information.

Before you plan to departure to a new destination make sure to leave an itinerary with someone you trust. Include the address, phone number, the name of the hotels where you are planning to stay their numbers and transportation information like flight details.


  • Familiarize yourself with the destination

Before you plan to leave or pick a destination for holiday make sure you google well and research about the place. Once you reach to make sure to use tools like google maps to scout out the area around your destination. know about the type of currency used, do they accept credit cards or only cash. Is there any number you can call in time of need? Make sure you plan your trip well before leaving to the destination to avoid all the hustle.


  • Keep an emergency car kit

If you are driving your own car or on a road trip or renting one abroad, make sure you keep a fully stocked kit in case of emergency. This should include a first-aid kit, a battery backup for your phone, blankets, non- perishable food, water bottle and a torchlight.


  • Save emergency numbers.

Remember that can't call 101 or 100 everywhere, make sure to find out the local emergency hotlines of the place you are planning to visit. Also, know the nearby hospitals emergency code in case of need. Also, research the nearest U.S. embassies or consulates and save those addresses and phone numbers as well


  • Keep track of your important documents

When in a vacation mood one can forget about the documents they need to carry with them every time. If travelling abroad, keep a copy of your passport, driving license and tickets. You can also scan and put a copy through a web-based email account, in case you lose your documents you can easily retrieve them.