Tourism generally refers to the business of providing accommodation

Tourism as a concept has come a long way today and the activity has been classified into various categories. Tourism generally refers to the business of providing accommodation & associated services to the people visiting places. With various types of infrastructures building today and increasing competition in this sector, new ideas are taking place every day.  Tourism involves two elements i.e. the journey to the destination & stay and is undertaken for recreation, sight seen, pilgrimage for medical reasons, for adventure etc. The tourism industry exists in some form or the other in every part of the world, and tourists are seen travelling to some of the seemingly most inaccessible places.

 Listed below are few types of tourism-

  • Adventure tourism

It is also known as adventure travels this type of tourism is becoming very popular among the adventure seekers who seek for a new experience every now and then. Adventure tourism requires that a tourist has the heart to take risks and possesses special training and skills. It indulges in different adventure sports like bungee jumping, scuba diving, paragliding, mountaineering, desert hiking, zip lining, rock climbing, and so on.


  • Business tourism

People travelling in relation to business is known as business tourism, it is formally a part of the business world. During business tourism (travelling), individuals are still working and being paid, but are doing so away from both their workplace and home. The activities involved in business tourism are as follows attending meetings, conferences, and seminars, visiting exhibitions and trade fairs, and so on.


  • Cultural and religious tourism

This kind of tourism involves the culture and religion of a particular destination. The world is dotted with end number of religious and cultural places like Hajj in Mecca, Jerusalem in Israel, Varanasi in India, and the Vatican in Rome. You get to know the history of that place, their lifestyle, architecture, old traditions, cuisine, festivals and so on.


  • Medical and health tourism

Medical tourists are improving one’s health, physical appearance or fitness, which is only possible away from home. It included the term of travelling patients from one place to another in order to acquire proper medical care. Some people opt for medical facilities in other countries for medical services in their country may be expensive like certain genetic disorders and specialized surgeries such as joint replacement, cosmetic surgeries, and so on.