7 Places to Visit with Friends and Have Fun

Travel to fun, exotic places with your close friend is every young person’s dream. The experience of travel not only helps you get closer as a group, but it also enables you to find yourself and better understand your relations with your friends, while giving you some of the best days and memories of your life. Millenials, though, are a generation that is already exposed to a wide variety of cultures and experiences with the availability of technology and the internet. We are a generation that strives to find a deeper connection with the places we visit and we tend to do things that help us be able to relate to the people around us. For a generation that prides itself on being “woke”, here are a few travel destinations and journeys that will strengthen the bonds between your friends, and let you explore cultures, sceneries and lifestyles from across the world.

Saint Martin Island:

This quaint island in the Caribbean Sea suffered extensive damage last year from Hurricane Irma. However, this half-dutch, half-french island whose economy depends on tourism has been rebuilding steadily over the last year. A visit here will take you and your friends to its scenic Maho and Great Bay beaches, take you hiking around the natural sanctuary, Lotie Park, and expose you to a vibrant night life marked by its many casinos. The biggest takeaway from a visit here though would be the fact that you’d be helping a resilient little nation get back on its feet after an unfortunate natural disaster.

South Korea:

This south-east Asian nation, usually in the news for military conflicts with North Korea, has seen an increase in tourism over the past decade owing to the growing Hally-U wave across the world that has captured the imagination of young people around the world. An influx of popular Korean music and drama has made people aware of, and interested in the unique culture of this country. Right from its bustling metropolitan capital Seoul, to its scenic getaway Jeju Island, Korea offers everything from delicious cuisine, visits to parts of its intriguing ancient past, beautiful beaches, and adventurous treks around its many mountains and hills. One could also simply take a day to explore the street life in different Korean cities to get a hands-on understanding of its culture. And who knows, if you and your friends are lucky, you may even run into your favorite Hally-U star!

New Zealand:

If you are in a unique group of friends who love fictional fantasy as well as real-life adventure, then New Zealand is just the place for your gang to have a blast in! Home to some of the world’s most unique and beautiful geographical wonders right from volcanoes, to glaciers, to natural geysers, to its numerous breathtaking lakes. Explore the culture of its indigenous Maori people, take a hike across the picturesque Mount Cook, visit its natural parks and experience its unique flora and fauna and feel the thrill of adventure sports like bungee jumping and sky diving. Do not miss the tour of the shooting spots of the movie franchise Lord of the Rings, and pay a visit to Bilbo Baggins’ little place where, incidentally now resides the films’ director, Peter Jackson. This Oceanic nation is simply one place you must experience with the closest of your friends.

Ahmedabad-Kutch Road Trip:

A group of friends eager to explore the world through travel cannot afford to avoid a road trip. Adorning the western coast of India is the marvelous Rann of Kutch, a sandy expanse of barren wilderness that forms the perfect spot for some deep thought and soul searching. A visit here with your friends via a short road trip from Gujarat’s mesmerizing city of Ahmedabad will expose you to various experiences that’ll help strengthen the bond among your friends. Walk along the Mandvi Beach, stand atop the Kala Dungar Summit, visit the fossil parks, and stay eco resorts- Kutch is a perfect blend of history and nature that will enrich your mind and soul. Visit during November-February to catch the Rann Utsav, a celebration of the hauntingly vibrant Kutch Culture marked by brilliant and fierce kite competitions. A perfect road trip indeed.

Koh Tao, Thailand:

A secluded island that offers the wildest of parties, the scenic of beaches and the most exotic of wildlife and nature sounds like the perfect getaway for a group of friends looking to have some nice laidback fun time. Thailand’s Koh Tao offers exactly that and much more. With a party scene on its beaches with midnight DJs that remains relentless, expect to have lots of fun while meeting some terrific people from across the globe.

Inca Trail to Machu Picchu:

A visit to one of the seven wonders of the modern world would definitely be the highlight of any traveler’s life. Approach this historic landmark with your close mates via the extremely popular and challenging Inca Trail, and you will get to have the best trekking-cum-backpacking experience. Marked by several landmarks like Pisac in the Sacred Valley, or Phuyupatamarca(Town above the Clouds), the Inca Trail allows you to have an intimate understanding of the lives and culture of the local Peruvian people, giving more meaning to your feeling of elation as you stand at the foot of the wonder that is Machu Picchu, after having being touched by the lives of those who helped build it.


A Central American City seeped in rich heritage and history and home to some unique flora and fauna, Nicaragua is the perfect vacation spot for a group of adventurous millenials who also seek to observe a country’s culture and heritage through the eyes of the locals. A stay at Nicaragua gives you the best of adventure sports and activities like snorkeling, deep sea diving, hiking trails and boarding on volcanoes and chilled parties near natural lagoons. But more than that, Nicaragua allows you to stay and mingle with the local people in ways that enrich the experience of traveling to a new country. Explore this dynamic multi-cultural country with your group of friends for a wholesome travel experience.