Top 10 Places to See in Malaysia

Malaysia requires no introduction as one of the world’s most renowned travel destinations. Its mix of cultures and backgrounds makes it as cosmopolitan as a country can get. It is beautiful, diverse, poignant, and adventure packed, and ticks all the boxes on the list of perfect holiday requirements. There’s almost a glut of sights and sounds waiting to be explored, so here’s a gentle reminder that no number of compilations can really be any measure of the kind of brilliance that Malaysia is, but here, we do try to capture its essence in 11 must-visit spots.

  1. Sipadan: A haven for scuba diving enthusiasts, Sipadan is the only oceanic island in Malaysia. The island is hard to gain access to as divers require official permits to be able to utilize the diving facilities, and there is no logding available in the island. Visitors have to stay at nearby spots like Mabul and Kapalai. Sipadan is also a sanctuary for many sea creatures, and is home to thousands of sea turtles.

  2. Merdeka Square: Most major capitals in the world have their own historic center that has served as a testimony to the life and times of the country, and is synonymous with the city itself. Merdeka Square isn't any different, with its vast acres of bustling grounds situated right in front of the Sultan Abdul Samad Building in central Kuala Lumpur. Every year in August, it bears witness to the Merdeka Parade which marks the independence of Malaysia from foriegn rule. The central market is a collections of stalls towering a few floors high, selling a wide range of local products. The local Chinatown provides the best of local street food, and if you're looking for a bit of fun, then the world's largest indoor theme park, also known as the Cosmo's World Theme Park, will not disappoint you.

  3. Manukan Island: Manukan is quite famous among tourists, and is known for its convinience, a huge white sandy beach, and the best facilities in Malaysia for water sports like scuba diving and snorkeling.

  4. National Mosque of Malaysia: Spread over 13 acres, this massive mosque situated in Kuala Lumpur can hold about 15,000 worshippers at once. Known also as the Masjid Negara, the mosque captivates with its lush green surroundings and charming atmosphere. The architecture is quite modern, and it supports Malaysia's constant endeavours for growth.

  5. Sunway Lagoon: A theme park in Subang, Jaya, and is famous all over the world for its unmatched rides and overall experience of six adventure zones combined under one roof, including the wildlife park and the Nickelodeon theme park. people of all ages and interests remain enthralled throughout their stay because you simply cannot get enough of this experience.

  6. Batu Caves: Malaysia is an amalgamation of many cultures. So there's no dearth of temples dedicate to Hindu dowries. The Batu Caves are made of limestone, and are definitely to Lord Murugan. Plus it requires a quick trek to get to the peak, so you'll stay absorbed at all times.

  7. Kinabalu Park: Located in Kota Kinabalu, the park is a large reserved area for local flora and fauna, and it offers Bornea's highest peak, Mt. Kinabalu which offers some grand trekking opportunities while courting your visual senses with some mesmerising imagery.

    1. Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center: A safe sanctuary for rescued apes, the Sepilok provides visitors in-depth knowledge about these creatures and their habitat. The center us also equipped with shops and cafes, making it more visitor-friendly.
  8. A Famosa: The A Famosa is a huge resort like no other. It consists of safaris, theme parks, sports and adventure activities, and luxury stays. It's Old West corner is a spot for some cultural exploration, and it perfectly rounds off the authentic Malaysian experience that the resort promises.

  9. Bukit Bintang: Any modern cosmopolitan city is marked by its nightlife, and Malaysia is no different. Knows as the fashion and shopping epicenter of Malaysia, Bukit Bintang is an area clustered with shops, stalls, temples, markets and clubs. The Changkat Bukit Bintang is often considered a go-to after-hours spot for some wind-down time, and if you've become a fan of the local food, and would want to revel in the taste a little longer, then you need to look no further than the Jalan Alor restaurant. The area also consists of the Menara KL tower which offers scintillating views of the city.